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Grief affects all of us at some point in our lives, but few are prepared for understand the impact that grief can have on everyday life. Grief is a normal reaction following the death of a loved one.  It requires time to process the emotions and discover how to best cope with your feelings and live life without your loved one.

Care Wherever You Need It

Hospice care from St. Francis Reflections Lifestage Care can be delivered in a private home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility, our inpatient facility, and sometimes in the hospital setting.

St. Francis has a dedicated team of Grief Support professionals, specializing in both adult and child grief.  St. Francis Reflections grief support programs are always free of charge.  As a service to our community, residents of Brevard County are invited to participate in any of our grief support groups or social gatherings.

We understand that the grieving process is a personal journey and we consider it a privilege to walk alongside those we care for as long as they feel the need for our help.

Support Groups

Some people find great benefit in attending a grief support group. These small groups meet to share feelings, discuss coping skills and to help you understand you are not alone in your feelings of grief.  Guided by a Grief Support professional, these groups provide a safe outlet to discuss feelings and process emotions.

“I felt so alone and there were things that my children and family didn’t understand. I walked into a room of strangers and walked out with a group of friends. They understood the pain I felt and suddenly I knew, I was not alone, I was not weird, and my feelings were justified and understood. I could share what I was going through and was able to listen and learn from what others were saying too, we helped each other.” ~ Nancy

These groups bring people together to share stories, feelings and to know you are not alone in what you are experiencing. To learn more information in regards to attending a grief support group please contact a Grief Support Specialist.

Click Calendar to learn more details and to obtain a group schedule.

These groups bring people together in an online format to share stories, feelings and to know you are not alone in what you are experiencing. All From the comfort of your home, reach out with other people who understand the grief journey you are taking. For more information in regards to attending an about our online grief support groups, please contact a Grief Support Specialist.

Click Calendar of events to learn more details and to obtain a group schedule.


Our grief support team understands the importance of being present with someone who is grieving. We offer free support groups where we discuss helpful ways to manage and navigate your grief. Our grief specialists are not mental health therapists, and in some cases may provide you with information to access additional resources in the community if other concerns impact your grief.

Grief Reading Resources

We understand that the grief journey is different for everyone, however, the following topics and writings feature helpful information designed to address what is often experienced during that time frame of grief.

Phone Calls

The grief support team will make phone calls to family members of patients cared for by St. Francis Reflections Hospice to offer support following the death of their loved one.   Additional calls are also available upon need.   Please contact a Grief Support Specialist to learn more or schedule a phone call.

Social Gatherings

Grief impacts every aspect of your life and often times it is helpful to socialize with other people who understand what you are going through. These uplifting social gatherings help provide support through a relaxed atmosphere. Please click on the calendar of events to learn more about scheduled gatherings and to RSVP.

“I looked forward to coming together to share stories and just talk with others. It felt good to laugh and smile again. We were all there for the same reason but it was comforting to be able to relax and talk about whatever we wanted. I always feel so much better after going; I have met some wonderful people I wouldn’t have otherwise.” ~ Karen

Educational Seminars

Seminars are provided throughout the year on a scheduled basis. These sessions offer information about the practical, social and emotional issues that many people face after the loss of a loved one. Please click on the calendar of events to learn more about scheduled educational seminars and to RSVP.

At St. Francis Our Grief Support professionals are also available to provide educational seminars on a variety of grief related topics. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact a Grief Support Specialist to learn more.

Remembrance Services

St. Francis Reflections Grief Support team provides remembrance services to honor and remember the beloved patients that we cared for. To learn more about when the next service will be, please contact a Grief Support Specialist for details.

Child Grief: St. Francis Reflections NorthStar Child Grief Support

We are not born knowing how to grieve and often times when death affects a family, children are not given the time and attention they require to understand and process their emotions. Child grief specialists provide a safe and welcoming space for children to express their grief through peer support groups. Providing support to children along with their families, the team encourages children to express their grief in a way that makes sense to them. Children often lack the words to fully express the emotions they are feeling, so the staff utilize a variety of techniques and skills through play, stories and peer interactions to help them express their feelings.

Child Grief Specialists provide support groups in the evenings in both our Titusville and Suntree locations. If you know someone who would benefit from speaking with a children’s grief specialist, please contact a Child Grief Specialist.

Our grief support services are free to anyone in our community. Support someone who is suffering with the pain of losing a loved one by donating today.

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